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Rules & Regulations !
« on: May 12, 2012, 08:16:57 am »

#1. The only language allowed to be used here in [SS] Clan is English. All posts in different language will be deleted. (Except in Language Specific Forums)

#2. When making a new thread, please make sure that it is in the right forum or section.

#3. No putting of referral links, other website/blog links in the signature and posts.

#4. Search first before asking or requesting.

#5. Concerns and questions via PM "Private Message" is not allowed and will not be answered.

#6. Be friendly and courteous to others at all times.

#7. Respect all staff and members. Please refrain from defaming the site, displaying disruptive behavior with intention to disseminate deceiving/false information, disrespect to the staffs and other members.

#8. Posting of comments with adult and/or illegal content is strictly prohibited. This includes, posting green jokes with hints of immorality and posting comments with sexually explicit and shocking or calumniating images.

#9. No double posting. Double posting is when you put another post in response/under your first post. If you want to add something, please edit your first post. Some members use this just to increase the number of their posts. Posts like this are recognized as spam.

#10. No spamming and flaming or flame baiting. Spamming includes posting only smileys or excessive use of smileys, posting copy pasted comments/purely copy pasted materials, posting very short unnecessary messages like LOL or BRB and using excessive capital letters, colored or bold letters in the post as it is equivalent to shouting and disrespecting the previous commentator/s. Flaming is expressing anger and frustration in an unprofessional manner. Flame baiting is inviting other members to have the same feelings against any staff and members of the site and/or against the site itself.

#11. Do not post comments that have hints of racial or personal discrimination. The site should not be used to express hatred to other race/s or people group/s of prejudice.

#12. Do not request to the moderators to ban or un-ban members. We do not tolerate favoritism in the forum.

#13. Read each board's rules & follow them. These Forum Rules shall be displayed all over the forum Board. Ignorance on the forum rules will never be an excuse.


First offense - Warning will be given and post will be deleted.

Second offense - Suspension to access our forum for 15 days.

Third offense - Permanent ban in our forum.

NOTE: Users with negative 100 (-100) reputation points will be permanently banned.

Have a nice day!